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One simple DNA test, a lifetime of discovery

Find out what your cat's DNA can tell you about their breed, and ultimately their health and habits.

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Your CatKit DNA test kit includes:

A non-invasive DNA collection method

Collect a cheek swab sample from you cat by following the instructions printed inside your CatKit.

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Continuous report updates

Your cat's Breed, Wildcat, Traits & Health data will continue to update as our database grows.

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Free return shipping in the U.S.

Pay no return or tracking fees from within the US.

Don't live in the U.S.? No problem, we ship internationally!

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Know your cat – inside and out

Basepaws is still learning, but we can’t wait to share what we know. As we sample more DNA and gleam more insights — we’ll send new discoveries about your cat straight to your dashboard.

  • Breed Groups
  • Wildcat Index
  • Chromosome Map
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What people are saying

Kellie & her cat Pishi

“I love Basepaws! I've always loved genetics and cats, so Basepaws is a dream come true! So many unexpected results!”

Amelia & her cat Leo

“I loved learning where Leo gets both his size (11lb by 6 months!) and his adoring, snuggly personality. Learning about him has helped me cater his diet, give vets more info, and explain to strangers why he's so in love with people.”

Paityn & her cat Evie Dollie

“I loved my experience with BasePaws. I already knew a lot about Evie Dollie's background due to the fact that I got her from a breeder, but it was still a very interesting process!”

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Join us in building the world's most powerful feline genetic database

At the Basepaws laboratory we're searching for smarter ways to care for cats. Your pet's DNA samples play a key role in paving the way towards further discovery.

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